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inVision �Redefining Composites for the Future

inVision provides technology and tooling that enables the fabrication of complex, integrally stiffened, single piece structural composite components in a simple, single-step process. Customers in the aerospace, automotive, and other industries, work with inVision to apply the Company’s technology to design and build complex configurations not achievable by any other method. inVision’s new-to-the world approach significantly reduces costs, simplifies the supply chain, is faster to market, lighter weight, and practically eliminates assembly, fasteners, and complex bonding.

How we work

inVision works closely with its Customers during the technology demonstration and product development phases of the typical design cycle. During this period of collaboration, inVision provides engineering services and prototypes. After this step, when Customers want a turn-key solution, inVision will set up, manage, and supply highly defined components.

When OEM’s want to design and produce their own components, either through their own facilities or their supply chain, inVision provides sophisticated services to help them adopt the technology. A composed solution can include on-site engineering training to teach design methodology as well as support of production facilities. This approach enables OEM’s to retain their supply chain, maximize use of their own resources, as well as adopt a sophisticated, light weight solution for thier products.

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(IM)Possible Features

Historically hard to incorporate features like honeycomb or embedded metallic fittings are easily accomplished with inVision’s new approach.

(IM)Possible Weight

inVision’s methodology consistently results in +40% weight savings over traditionally assembled graphite composite structure, and over +45% for fiberglass or aluminum structure.

(IM)Possible Performance

inVision’s approach provides uniform pressure distribution to all molded surfaces, which results in a superior product free from pinching, resin richness/cracking, dry spots, wrinkling, or extensive tooling removal processes.

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